Serving the East Coast from Maine to Florida
R.J.Stanchfield works with Developers, Builders and Home Owners in the following ways:
1. Modular Consultant
2. Design Consultant
3. Modular Dealer


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As your Consultant, Designer, and Modular Dealer, R.J. Stanchfield offers our 30+ years as an expert in custom Modular home design and as a Modular home dealer of unparalleled experience. We sold our first modular after Ronin Stanchfield created the name and started Future Surroundings. He and his wife remain owners of the company that was founded in 1988.

Four Reasons Why Developers, Builders, and Home Owners have chosen R.J.Stanchfield:

SAVES TIME - R.J. Stanchfield can get your home built in as little as 14 weeks. Weather delays and the likes do not affect the construction.

SUPERIOR QUALITY - Our homes are built in a closed environment, which protects them from the elements like rain and heavy winds.

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY - R.J. Stanchfield will design your project, or work directly with your architect, or engineer.


Call 631 790-4020 for More Information


Free Twenty-Minute Consultation

Before calling, please fill out the form below so as to not waste time. When form is completed, call 631 790-4020 for your consultation.

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Trades Seeking Work

General Contractor and Trades Workers  - It is our intention
to send our modular product throughout the East Coast of
the  United  States.   So,  if you  have had  experience with
modular   construction   and   want   to   do   the    general
contracting   to   receive   and  finish  our  project,  please
answer  all the questions  below.  By doing so you ensure
that we will   put you  on the  bidding list  for our  projects
in  your location.   The more answers you supply the more
likely   you  will   be  chosen.   If  you  have  any questions,
please feel free to call us. Thanks for your interest.


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